Telehealth’s role in post-pandemic patient engagement

Riley Children’s Hospital CMIO and the medical director of women’s health clinical informatics at UPMC join the Center for Connected Medicine team to discuss how they see telehealth evolving in their own organizations and across the industry post-pandemic.

Episode 3, session 5: Telehealth’s role in post-pandemic patient engagement

Alex Nixon, senior research analyst with UPMC Enterprises Center for Connected Medicine, joined episode 3 of the HDM KLASroom: Traversing the Patient Experience Ecosystem with his colleagues Glenn Updike, MD the medical director of MyUPMC and medical director of clinical informatics, women's health at UPMC; and Emily C. Webber, MD, the chief medical information officer Riley Children’s Health to discuss the post-pandemic telehealth landscape. 

Watch this video to learn:  

  • Where telehealth fits within the care continuum at health systems as the emergency need for virtual care has declined 
  • How the pandemic changed the ways in which patients engage in their care and discussion on how permanent those changes will be 
  • The role of health systems in bridging technology gaps for patients 

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Episode 3: Changing Workflows and Meeting Patients Where They Are 

This video is one of 5 discussions in Episode 3 of the HDM KLASroom series, Traversing the Patient Experience Ecosystem.  View all the discussions featuring lessons from leading health system and solution innovators including BayCare Health, Piedmont Health System, the Center for Connected Medicine, Caregility, Houston Methodist, UPMC Enterprises, and Riley Children’s Health. 

  • Enduring technologies and changing processes – featuring recent KLAS research on telehealth, what patient engagement solutions providers are investing in today, and results of a perception study on the term “digital front door”. 
  • Piedmont Healthcare’s virtual care journey – The patient experience team at Piedmont Healthcare, a Georgia based health system caring for 2.7 million residents across the state, shares how they keep their patients at the center of care and are consistently improving patient experiences. 
  • Connecting care for patients everywhere – the Houston Methodist administrative director for ambulatory clinical systems joins the chief operating officer of Caregility to discuss how the pandemic accelerated the grown of telehealth and virtual care, how Houston Methodist fosters a culture of innovation, and the future of virtual care in the inpatient setting. 
  • Telehealth’s role in post-pandemic patient engagement – The CMIO from Riley Children’s Hospital, the medical director of women’s health clinical informatics at UPMC, and the Center for Connected Medicine to discuss how telehealth solutions will continue to be deployed across the care continuum.  

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