Leveraging consumer engagement best practices from outside of healthcare

Patient experience experts from Cedars-Sinai, Novant Health, Feedtrail and the University of Richmond share how patient experience data can be leveraged to understand gaps in care, how experiences differ by segment and patient population, and how they are beginning to tailor engagement to the individual patient.


Episode 4, session 4: Leveraging consumer engagement best practices from outside of healthcare

Alan Dubovsky, chief patient experience officer at Cedars-Sinai, Kirsten Royster, chief patient experience officer at Novant Health, Dr. Joel Mier, lecturer of marketing at the University of Richmond, and Paul Jaglowski, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Feedtrail, joined Fred Bazzoli, editor in chief of Health Data Management, in episode 4 of the HDM KLASroom: Traversing the Patient Ecosystem to discuss this topic.

Watch this video to learn: 

  • Why healthcare needs to embrace the idea of patients as customers and key principles that translate between consumer experience and patient experience 
  • How to leverage best practices from other industries to exceed customer expectations and how the voice of the patient is changing healthcare delivery today 
  • The value of segmenting data to understand gaps, personalize experiences and improve health equity 

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About Episode 4 

This video was featured in Episode 4 of the HDM KLASroom: Traversing the Patient Experience Ecosystem. Episode 4, entitled, “Pioneers in Consumer Engagement,” included discussions with leaders from the Camden Coalition, Medical University of South Carolina, KLAS, Cedars-Sinai, Feedtrail, findhelp, Novant Health, Trinity Health and the University of Richmond. Sessions from this episode include:  

  • Why consumer experience is top of mind for healthcare professionals today – New KLAS research shows how patients as savvy consumers have changed their expectations for care delivery and why health systems are hiring consumer experience experts from outside of healthcare to improve patient experience.  
  • Leveraging consumer engagement best practices from outside of healthcare – patient experience experts from Cedars-Sinai, Novant Health, Feedtrail and the University of Richmond share how patient experience data can be leveraged to understand gaps in care, how experiences differ by segment and patient population and how they are beginning to tailor engagement to the individual patient.  
  • Using data to understand the full scope of patient needs – representatives from Trinity Health, Camden Coalition and findhelp are increasing community engagement, empowering providers to utilize social determinants of health data, and connecting patients to resources to improve outcomes. 
  • Why a robust patient and family-centered care program is critical to MUSC’s success – the patient experience conversation is transcending historical levels in health systems and making it a top priority for chief executives like the president of the Medical University of South Carolina. David J. Cole, MD, and other leaders from MUSC share how patients are their guiding light in multiple programs and how that focus improves outcomes. 

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