VBC best practices: Bringing together innovation in healthcare

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After being named to be a First Team All PAC-10 Kicker in 1999 and playing in the Rose Bowl with the Stanford Cardinals the following year—all while earning his BA and MA—Mike Biselli hung up his cleats and brought his unwavering determination and collaborative spirit to the field of healthcare.

During his tenure with several industry-leading medical device companies in Nevada and Colorado, Mike quickly recognized the potential of digital health technology to significantly improve medical outcomes and decided to join the growing movement of entrepreneurs, technologists and clinicians who were reimagining healthcare through innovation.

At Health Data Management's inaugural Best Practices in Value-Based Care (September 21 and 22 in Dallas) Biselli, president of Catalyst HTI, will share valuable insights on the future direction for value-based care in the industry.

Catalyst HTI is an industry integrator; what role does your company serve?
Integrator organizations regularly convene the clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, executives, academics and policy-makers who compose a health-tech innovation ecosystem, encouraging them to work together to reimagine healthcare. Colorado's Prime Health is an excellent example of this. An industry integrator like Catalyst HTI takes this collaboration a step further by housing established healthcare organizations, like Kaiser Permanente and Medical Group Management Association, alongside some of the nation's most innovative health-tech startups, accelerating the speed of the healthcare system's current transformation by integrating our industry at the point of innovation.

How does an integrator fit into the value-based care model?
As we move from fee-for-service to value-based care, in a sense we're entering new territory. Industry Integrators like Catalyst HTI will enable healthcare providers to work alongside health-tech innovators to identify, develop and implement the new ideas, new processes and new technologies that will ensure value-based care becomes a viable reality. While this is the short-term goal of industry integration at the point of innovation, the overarching mission of Catalyst HTI is to encourage the growth of an ecosystem mindset in healthcare, which will enable our industry to become more innovative, more adaptive and more responsive when faced with complex challenges like this current transition.

What's the most memorable new digital health device or platform that you've seen lately?
Each of the 50-plus health-tech startups that we will house in Catalyst HTI when the building opens in early 2018 immediately come to mind. From CirrusMD's telemedicine platform to BurstIQ's data management tools, the early stage companies in our community are doing amazing things to help our healthcare system make the transition to value-based care. But it's going to take all of us to respond to this complex challenge. Whether you’re an executive at a Fortune 20 organization or the founder of a single-person startup, if you're passionate about reimagining healthcare, you have a seat at our table.

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