Rhode Island Blues offer data and analytics platform

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Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) is now offering a new service, entitled Blue Insights for Rhode Island, a data and analytics platform that offers a wide-ranging view of patients’ preventive, chronic and complex health needs.

The initiative is intended to make it easier for clinicians to assess individual patient information, and it offers the ability to analyze data for entire patient populations.

BCBSRI says it is offering Blue Insights to “further raise the standard of care, leading to a better patient experience and improved health outcomes.” The approach also is expected to give providers and health systems quicker access to information necessary to succeed in value-based payment arrangements. The independent Blues plan covers about 450,000 residents in the state.

Blue Insights offers Rhode Island primary care providers access to patient care registries, which include specific information for effective care support and coordination for patients with complex and chronic care needs. Additionally, providers can proactively identify care gaps to keep patients healthy, as well as identify emerging health concerns.

On the patient side, BCBSRI members will be encouraged to address needed screenings or preventative care, such as colonoscopies or flu shots. New electronic tools will enable providers to track the progress of patients with chronic conditions, send reminders or alerts to members for tests or follow up appointments, and ensure patients are filling prescriptions.

The Blue Insights health analytics platform will promote:

  • Access to critical health information, allowing members and their physicians to make informed choices about specialty physicians, facilities and treatments.
  • Timely patient care interventions through health monitoring systems.
  • Alignment of industry standard analytics and proactive patient intervention to improve the delivery of care and patient health.
  • Comprehensive analysis of payer and provider data to optimize care delivery and cost, based on the patient experience.

“Blue Insights is a great example of our commitment to actively supporting our provider partners in their quest for continuously improved care,” said Mark Waggoner, senior vice president for care integration and management at BCBSRI.

The Blue Insights health analytics platform was developed in partnership with MedeAnalytics. The next phase of the development will provide new self-service reporting capabilities for providers. In tandem with BCBSRI’s recently announced partnership with Dell Services and continued use of BCBS Plan’s national data capability powering analytics, BCBSRI now has access to the resources to deliver analytics to offer providers timely access to their clinical, quality and financial performance. This will provide the foundation for new targeted care management, care coordination and member engagement and is available to all primary care providers in Rhode Island.

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