New Intermountain company to aid providers transitioning to VBC

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Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Healthcare is now offering a comprehensive platform of tools and services through a new venture to support healthcare organizations as they focus on value instead of volume.

The company, called Castell, is meant to help providers move from fee-for-service to value-based healthcare by—among other capabilities—leveraging Intermountain’s Reimagined Primary Care clinical care model, best practices, a technology and analytics platform, as well as digital tools to address virtual care, patient experience and social determinants of health.

In particular, the use of health information technology such as electronic medical records and healthcare analytics are seen as critical pieces for providers to meet the goals of value-based care.

“Proven methods for simplifying value-based care are needed across the healthcare industry,” says Rajesh Shrestha, vice president and COO of community based care at Intermountain, who has been named president and CEO of Castell. “Backed by Intermountain’s day-to-day frontline experience with a focus on population health management, Castell will deliver impactful solutions that help other organizations improve outcomes and keep costs more affordable.”

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According to Intermountain, it introduced its Reimagined Primary Care model in 2018, and after just one year, the program reduced Medicare Advantage admissions by 60 percent, commercial insurance admissions by 25 percent and per-member per-month costs by 20 percent.

Intermountain contends that the key to the success of the Reimagined Primary Care model is that—by focusing on preventive care—physicians are able to spend more time with high-risk patients to get “upstream” of potential health problems. As a result, the model is now being extended to other providers via Castell.

“The health platform capabilities, tools, and resources that Castell provides will strengthen the ability of the health ecosystem to thrive in a value-based care environment,” adds Shrestha.

“Castell is a critical component of Intermountain’s broad vision for healthier communities,” says Marc Harrison, MD, president and CEO of Intermountain. “It creates a new path for providers to access the support they need to provide high quality, affordable care to their patients across the nation.”

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