Mindyra launches testing tool for behavioral health patients

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For 1 in 4 Americans living with mental illness—and millions more with a condition that falls under the behavioral health umbrella—proper diagnosis and treatment are critical to physical and mental health outcomes. Yet, only half of those patients will receive care for their illness.

Mindyra, a Darien, Con.-based technology company, recently launched a platform to connect patients with specialists in their area, offer providers a comprehensive diagnostic assessment test and show how the patient is progressing.

The diagnostic test, which takes about 10 minutes and uses skip logic, is offered in two versions, one for adults and another for adolescents. The test includes differential, or rule out, questions, says Mindyra CEO Bill Battey.

“If you had to design 126 different measurement tests, it would be extremely inefficient,” he says.

By the end of the analysis, the provider has a summary of the top three treatments, pharmaceuticals and side effects of each drug. Also through the platform, providers can seek a second opinion through access to a full-time support staff of psychiatrists.

The platform also enables patients to track their progress, which can be compared by individual, peer group or illness, based on clinical data, Battey says.

“When you can measure outcomes in therapeutic care, that’s so cool,” he says. “Think of the data we’re collecting.”

Mindyra uses a database to store the information on the cloud and is HIPAA compliant, says Battey.

When the company was developing the platform, it asked for input from physicians groups and hospital systems to create a population health tool that works in real time. Information from the platform can also be moved to a patient’s EHR.

“There was a crying need among practitioners,” Battey says. “Give me something automated. We need to be automated.”

The platform will roll out to two large healthcare organizations and one large doctor group by the end of the fourth quarter, says Battey. It is available in one of two payment models, as a fixed or subscription price. For the subscription model, providers can get unlimited access for a monthly rate but will pay a royalty on annual revenue.

The company believes that its new platform will help employers save at least 15 percent on healthcare costs when it’s offered as part of an expanded employee assistance program.

Now, Mindyra is joining behavioral health competitors such as Quartet Health, which matches therapists with clients for virtual appointments, and Lyra Health, which identifies at-risk patients and tracks outcomes.

“We have some wonderful competitors. There’s room for people doing a lot of things,” Battey says. “We’re doing this to support the doctors and provide care to the patients at a much lower cost.”

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