Ayasdi’s new AI platform touted for use in healthcare

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Artificial intelligence continues to play a greater role in how researchers manipulate and interpret the vast amount of data available in the healthcare industry, and Ayasdi, a data analysis startup company, is offering an approach that will tie researchers to end users.

That could have a big impact in healthcare, particularly in using artificial intelligence to help provider organizations find new insights in areas such as population health management.

This past week, Ayasdi introduced Envision, what the company describes as a cutting-edge framework based on its AI platform that will quicken and ease the development of intelligent applications.

Ayasdi’s Executive Vice President of Product and Engineering Ronaldo Ama says that previously, AI offerings usually fell into only two categories.

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“One, they focus mainly on the data scientist and neglect the end user consuming the work produced in that process.” Ama says. “Or, two, they focus on more generic application framework constructs without a strong connection to the AI platform and without an intuitive way for data scientists or data analysts to collaborate with their end users.”

Ayasdi’s new product creates a third option in Envision, which provides a framework connected to a powerful AI platform that provides a balanced focus between data scientists and the end users. Envision enables access to a powerful AI engine along with a database of user interface elements that makes it simpler for data scientists to create, design and launch intelligent applications.

“Ultimately, Envision makes it intuitive for data scientists and data analysts developing analytical workflows to connect to Ayasdi’s AI platform and collaborate with end users via a well-defined set of steps and easy-to-use interactive web application,” says Ama.

With Envision, the ability to add intelligence to applications makes it easier for scientists to work with the vast amount and complexity of data in the healthcare industry. It also makes it possible to identify patient groups that share similar trajectories and patterns over time, to manage a specific population’s health.

Envision was created to facilitate applications that were created on Ayasdi’s AI platform, so the new framework will be priced as such to encourage “its adoption and the development of additional applications such that the business can maximize the value they get from our software,” says Ama.

Providers like Intermountain Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies like Merck use Ayasdi to deliver insight into their data analysis, and, as Ayasdi expects to expand that clientele, the company continues to explore the power of AI in different industries, including healthcare.

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