HDM offers a glimpse back at the top lists of 2017
Throughout the year, Health Data Management offered listings of information describing important facets of the healthcare IT industry or key people to know. In this show, we present those lists that were among the most popular among our readership.
10 top healthcare information technology trends for 2017
Various experts in healthcare IT predicted key trends that would influence provider organizations in 2017. We queried several key knowledge experts in the field and compiled this list of technologies and trends that were likely to impact provider organizations over the coming years.

The list can be found here.
Where the top 8 EMRs are deployed
The top electronic medical records vendors have a large share of the big hospital market, according to KLAS’s “US Hospital EMR Market Share 2017” report. This list included summaries from KLAS researchers on market trends for each vendor and on the size of hospitals at which their products are being used.

The list can be found here.
30 top urgent care center chains
This list (in addition to two previous rankings of top urgent care center chains) continues to be a highly popular resource for the industry. While the urgent care market is fragmented, there are some major players that run dozens of these specialized centers. Here, we list some of the largest operators of centers in the U.S.

Here is our most recent list of large urgent care center chains.

Here is the updated list of 30 urgent care center chains, published in 2016.

Here is the original 2015 listing of 14 top urgent care centers in the U.S.
25 leading CMIOs at healthcare organizations
These CMIOs, or those with similar titles or job functions, are continuing to advance the cause of digital medicine as population health management and value-based care rise as key business challenges for providers. In this list, we highlight 25 of the leading voices in the CMIO community.

The list can be fouind here.
11 leading innovators in Healthcare IT
A number of HIT executives, policy makers and industry innovators are leading the digital disruption of healthcare. In the following list, Health Data Management editors profiled some of these visionaries who are seeking new and better ways to use cutting-edge technology to improve patient care.

The list can be found here.
Top 10 predictions for healthcare IT in 2018
IDC FutureScape looked at the following drivers to make predictions about where healthcare IT will support care delivery over the next three to four years. Those drivers include technology-centric transformation altering business and society; the impact of artificial intelligence and automation; the new data centric paradigm; cyberthreats; revolutionized processes that are expanding the reach of technology; consumer expectations; and sustainability.

The list can be found here.
2017 most powerful women in healthcare IT
Over three days, Health Data Management presented its picks for the most powerful women in healthcare information technology. After an extensive nomination process, the top 75 women were named to HDM’s sercond class of powerful women in HIT. Lists covered CIOs and HIT executives; IT vendor executives; and thought leaders. Each of the three lists were viewed thousands of times, making them one of the most popular compilations of IT thought leaders this past year.

2017 most powerful women in healthcare IT: Thought leaders

2017 most powerful women in healthcare IT: CIOs-IT execs

2017 most powerful women in healthcare IT: HIT vendor execs
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20 EHR vendors with the most hospitals implementations
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology annually gathers data on which vendors have certified technology used by providers that are participating in the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. This list looked at hospital data from 2016.

The list can be found here.