UbiCare, Truven Health join to offer value-based care support

Partners to use data, analytics tools to better manage care planning and delivery, Betsy Weaver says.

Two companies with experience in both data analytics and care processes are planning to work together to help hospitals and health systems better manage care planning and delivery.

Executives of UbiCare and Truven Health Analytics, a subsidiary of IBM Watson Health, have signed a business partnership agreement with an aim of helping healthcare organizations use data and information to better manage care delivery across the continuum.

Both companies offer solutions to help providers impact patient outcomes while improving quality, enhancing staff efficiencies and reducing costs.

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Truven Health Analytics helps providers address pressing healthcare questions through data insights and consulting services. UbiCare content and technology lets health systems guide patients through an episode of care from pre-care to point of care and post-care.

Executives of both companies say they want to work together to empower patients and help hospitals implement value-based care.

As healthcare shifts to patient-centered care, the integration of UbiCare’s population-level health information and engagement expertise with Truven’s medication and problem-specific educational content will help hospitals holistically educate patients, set expectations and encourage shared decision-making.

“Building on our shared healthcare expertise, we are excited to work together on enterprise healthcare solutions, whether it’s a better way to engage patients, improve quality of care or make better use of existing digital solutions,” says Betsy Weaver, CEO of UbiCare, a digital health company that provides engagement solutions that enable hospitals to offer patient-centered approaches and participate in value-based care initiatives.

Truven Health provides performance improvement solutions built on data integrity, advanced analytics and domain knowledge.

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