Project of the Year, Accountable Care: Mercy Hospital, St. Louis

New model of care saved $9.42 million in costs with perioperative analytics platform.

The hospital pioneered a new model of care due to changes in reimbursement that saved $9.42 million in costs.

Mercy’s new perioperative analytics platform helped eliminate or minimize the use of certain surgical products—the second-leading driver of cost—for the 210,000 surgical procedures performed each year. The analytics platform also gave administration, department leaders and surgeons access to data on surgical costs, which had fluctuated prior to 2012 because of manual and unstructured processes.

The hospital reported that its analytics save the hospital about 30,000 hours a year in manual efforts through data collection. Data gleamed from the system also helped cut down physician turnover from 46 minutes to 30 minutes and increase the percentage of procedures that start on time, from 49 percent to 65 percent.

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