Philips, Qualcomm Life partner to expand markets

Vendors share technology to enhance analytics and care management, says Dale Wiggins.

Philips and connectivity vendor Qualcomm Life will use parts of each other’s product lines to advance their capabilities in helping providers support chronic care management and home healthcare.

Philips, which offers medical informatics, cloud data management and analytics services, will use Qualcomm’s 2net platform to connect to and integrate data for a range of medical devices.

Philips is integrating medical devices from multiple vendors into its population health platform, and using Qualcomm to connect to the home-based devices, integrate the data collected in homes, and then create and send to physicians patient profiles that give a better view of their health status.

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Philips also will have access to additional home health medical devices that Qualcomm offers, such as weight scales, ECGs, blood pressure monitors, vital signs monitoring and pulse oximetry devices, says Dale Wiggins, vice president and general manager of Philips’ HealthSuite Digital Platform.

Qualcomm will use Philips’ HealthSuite platform to securely store patient data in the cloud, enabling customers, such as clinicians and vendors, to perform analytics as well as manage authorization and patient consent processes.

The collaboration enables both companies to better expand their own business lines while also supporting application development vendors, Wiggins adds. “The intent is that both of us grow business by providing a broader suite of products.”

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