HDM’s Top 12 news stories of 2018

Regulatory moves, the emergence of tech giants and more captured the interest of our readers.

HDM’s Top 12 news stories of 2018

It was a tumultuous year for healthcare IT executives, as new pressures emerged to direct IT strategies. We annually review the stories that attract the most reader attention, and what follows are the articles that received the most readership over the year. They also provide a glimpse ahead to the issues that will loom as important in the year ahead.

The risks of Cerner’s DoD rollout

DoD rollout of Cerner EHR deemed not operationally effective or suitable

As questions arose about Cerner’s ability to deliver a functional product that meets the Department of Defense’s needs for its health system.

Most Powerful Women, 2018 edition

HDM announces Most Powerful Women in HIT honorees

HDM’s annual listing of the most powerful women in healthcare IT annually attracts industry wide attention. This article announced the 2018 winners.

EHR burden reduction

CMS proposed rule on EHRs seeks to reduce provider burden

Federal efforts to reduce the challenge of EHRs on providers are gaining momentum.

IBM Watson Health

What’s going on at IBM’s Watson Health?

Changes in efforts at the AI branch of IBM gained attention in 2018.

Amazon moves

How Amazon’s digital health moves could affect providers

This story analyzes the emerging strategy of the technology giant to impact the healthcare IT industry.

Prior authorization bill

House passes Medicare Part D electronic prior authorization bill

The bill promises to increase the use of IT in prescribing by physicians.

Google moves

Google announces Cloud Healthcare API to unlock health data

This article covers the use of an API that will better enable healthcare organizations to take advantage of its cloud.

Reducing coding burdens

CMS proposed rule reduces Evaluation and Management coding burden

The agency wants to make changes in how physicians code typical encounters, typically aiding the use of electronic health systems.

VA’s EHR decision

VA finally pulls trigger and awards Cerner $10B EHR contract

The agency finally made its long-awaited decision to give Cerner a multi-billion dollar contract to replace its existing EHR system.

AMA pressure

AMA president calls for end to electronic health record abuse

The organization representing the nation’s physicians continues to exert pressure to reduce the burden of records systems on doctors.

Ransomware attack analysis

Erie County Medical Center: Anatomy of a ransomware attack

Managing Editor Greg Slabodkin gives insight into the cause and aftereffects of a devastating ransomware attack at Erie County Medical Center.

Cleveland Clinic and IT

Cleveland Clinic lays out its health IT strategy for future

One of the nation’s most prestigious healthcare organizations details what its plans are for the use of healthcare IT to deliver its vision for care.

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