HDM KLASroom episode 4: A new realized clinical experience

HDM and KLAS Research showcase pioneering institutions and how they are rethinking the clinician experience by reinventing care workflows and leveraging contemporary technologies to drive innovative patient interactions, collaboration with colleagues, and the access and utilization of data.

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Episode summary

Reimagining the Clinician Experience

Today’s digital clinician experience is still very much rooted in historical contexts of paper chart workflows and old models of patient engagement. This is an understandable and consumer-driven evolution. Other industries already experienced similar evolution – retail (including automotive & banking), energy, and media. It’s time for healthcare to evolve from simply delivering digital representations of paper-based processes to enabling advanced digital health workflows; a level of redesigned care enabling patients and clinicians to connect in new and meaningful ways – partnering to achieve better outcomes while helping clinicians to collaborate to create new care models that are more expansive and consumer-friendly to reflect how people live their lives today.

In this episode, HDM and KLAS Research showcase pioneering institutions and how they are rethinking the clinician experience by reinventing care workflows and leveraging contemporary technologies to drive innovative patient interactions, collaboration with colleagues, and the access and utilization of data. The results: improved clinician and patient experiences, plus better outcomes.

Questions addressed in this episode

  1. What does the promise of AI hold for improving clinician experience, today and in the future?
  2. Where do you find health systems and clinics reinventing the clinician experience with creativity and success?
  3. What lessons can be learned from these early adopters, and how will other institutions, e.g. government and payers need to adapt and align?

On-demand sessions

Session 1

Session (CxE4S1): Clinician Experience – Future state, AI, and the promise for tomorrow

The future of the clinician and care team experience will be influenced greatly by the industry's ability to take the mass amounts of data being collected on populations of patients, care plans, and outcomes and enable its delivery to clinicians when they are meeting with that single patient - you, me, and us.

AI has the potential to bring this vision to fruition. Dr John Halamka from the Mayo Clinic, Jennifer Hickenlooper from KLAS Research, and Christer Johnson from HealthFirst discuss the current state of AI, current use cases, and steps we can take to ensure AI algorithms and models are properly used, monitored, and refined.

Key learnings

  • Where organizations are currently finding wins with early AI model deployments.
  • Understanding and employing guardrails to assess the readiness of any AI algorithm.
  • Where the future of AI has the biggest potential to improve the clinician experience and what your organization can do to get there.


Healthfirst: Christer Johnson, Chief Analytics Officer

Mayo Clinic: John Halamka, MD, MS, President, Mayo Clinic Platform

KLAS Research: Jennifer Hickenlooper, Insights Director

Session 2

Session (CxE4S2): Clinician Experience – Extending the future reach of care teams with the hospital 

The explosive growth of telehealth adoption in recent years created countless new use cases for virtual care within inpatient settings. What began for many as a means to monitor Covid patients has since spawned broader virtual innovation in hospital departments across the country. These digital workflows are helping care teams reduce burnout, remove clinical blind spots, drive earlier intervention, and improve patient care.   

As the integration of bedside and remote care continues, health systems have a unique opportunity to maximize the reach and impact of telehealth programs by consolidating and centralizing virtual care operations. Centralized telenursing models are helping healthcare organizations like SCL Health reduce burnout and resource duplication across multiple sites using a hub-and-spoke model that virtually extends dedicated resources across the healthcare enterprise. This reinforces care standardization across settings and creates a foundation to build on as health systems embrace hybrid models that bring virtual engagement into bedside workflows. 

Highlighting SCL Health’s experience taking its virtual patient observation program enterprise-wide, this discussion reveals practical steps healthcare leadership teams can take to expand telehealth programs from single-facility operations to systemwide strategies to pave the way for future service expansion.  

Key learnings

  • Explore the emerging use cases for improving clinician experience and patient care through inpatient telehealth 
  • Understand virtual workflow best practices to support patient documentation, stratification, and intervention 
  • Review the phased rollout guidelines to quickly pilot and scale tele-ICU, tele-sitting, virtual nursing, and more 
  • Discover the key capabilities to consider when designing, implementing, and evaluating centralized telehealth


Intermountain Healthcare: Amy Rosa, DNP, MSMI, RN, System Vice President and Chief Nursing Information Officer

Caregility: Wendy Deibert, EMBA, BSN, RN, Senior Vice President of Clinical Solutions

Session 3

Session (CxE4S3): Clinician Experience – Affecting change at Northwell Health

Every moment matters now and in the future of healthcare. And those moments begin with empowering clinicians as they engage with their patients in new and uncharted ways. This is of particular importance within the four walls of the hospital. Sven Gierlinger from Northwell Health and Jeff Fallon of Vibe Health offer guiding principles that can empower care teams and leadership teams to rethink the future of care experience within the hospital. Attendees will:

Key learnings

  • Learn what principles guide a health system to achieve a top 100 best places to work award during a pandemic.
  • Understand what it will take in the future to make every moment matter by leveraging a mix of processes and technologies that create reliability for clinicians, reduce care team burdens, and invite the patient and family into the care journey.
  • Experience how smartroom tech of the future has the potential to cut through care team siloes, automate clinical workflows and remove redundant administrative tasks.


Vibe Health by eVideon: Jeff Fallon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer  

Northwell Health: Sven Gierlinger, Chief Experience Officer

Session 4

Session (CxE4S4): Clinician Experience – Tapping into the power of moments

Despite great advances in care technology, caregivers, patients and families still lack tools to capture the power of moments they have together - moments that improve the culture of care, moments to express gratitude when things went well, or moments of concern and suggestions when things could have gone better.

Rebecca Metter, CEO of Wambi, and Michael Zaroukian from Sparrow Health share way your care teams can foster positive cultures amidst the compounding effects of the pandemic and better prepare for future struggles facing caregivers, patients, and health systems.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the science of gratitude and learn how focusing on gratitude can strengthen our ability to connect and build relationships with others.   
  • Learn how to identify negativity bias, and what principles are needed to have constant reminders of what’s going well every day built into how we work.  This should include technology, workflows, and practices that that include sharing what’s going well from the patient’s perspective as well as with team members, on interdisciplinary teams and from leaders.   
  • Explore how patient satisfaction and provider experience are deeply interconnected. You can’t improve one without improving the other.  Attendees will learn how to address patient and provider experience with holistic solutions that look at the greater human experience, moving away from point solutions that provide temporary relief/improvements. 


Wambi: Rebecca Metter, CEO

Sparrow Health: Michael Zaroukian, MD, PhD, MACP, FHIMSS, Vice President, Chief Medical Information Officer

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