Chief Executive Officer Visionary: Penny Wheeler

President and CEO, Allina Health, Minneapolis

Wheeler is responsible for the performance of Allina, which comprises 13 hospitals, 61 clinics and 49 rehabilitation locations. She also champions an information-fed approach to clinical care and healthcare administration, including extensive use of a data warehouse to analyze and guide operations.

As a physician, Wheeler has championed healthcare information initiatives since she became Allina’s chief clinical officer in 2006, with a commitment to improving patient care across the broad array of care sites. Key to that effort is the Allina Health Excellian EMR, designed to contribute to patient-centered care through a “one patient, one record” model. Benefits of Allina’s Excellian EMR system have been extended to 13 non-owned community organizations that are regional partners in care.

Under Wheeler’s leadership, the Allina information management team supported the development and operation of Family Health Manager, Live Well and Healthy Set Go blogs, which all encourage information self-sufficiency. They have been critical to the implementation of Allina’s Personal Primary Care Team approach in community clinics.

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