AI BEYOND the Hype

2023 was a year dominated by the hype and fascination with AI. HDM takes a moment to pause and understand which pillars of the quintuple aim are being impacted the most, and where, how, and who is making it happen.

COVERstory: March/April 2024

From the Editor:

Artificial intelligence represents a range of advanced computing that is both the present and the future reality in healthcare. 


While the future uses of AI are early in testing and application, it’s the current uses – and maybe the less glamorous approaches – that may provide important immediate payoffs, which are catching the attention of IT executives. 


For about a year, generative AI has been grabbing the headlines in the popular press. The ability to create readable, actionable text – when combined with other technologies – has the potential to reduce documentation burdens for clinicians, a heavy load that has a causal relationship with staff burnout. 


But AI capabilities are increasingly being interwoven into processes in care settings. The big payoff – both now in the future – lies in its capacity to augment clinicians and assist them in doing their jobs better. This special report looks at the current state of AI in healthcare, and what challenges, hurdles and fears are still to be resolved. 

  • Fred Bazzoli, Editor in Chief

Key Takeaways

As you dive into this COVERstory, we hope you find it becomes a reference helping you: 

  • 1. Understand the current state of artificial intelligence in healthcare and discuss different maturity levels of applications.
  • 2. Learn about current concerns about oversight of use of the technology and current initiatives to test and put guardrails around AI use.
  • 3. Become aware of how institutions are moving ahead with AI, what use cases are being implemented, and how IT leaders aim to expand AI use.
  • 4. Gauge the extent of implementation of AI in healthcare organizations, and measure the impact of impediments to wider AI use


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