20 hot apps for healthcare providers

From accessing EHRs to monitoring patients, these applications help clinicians do their day-to-day jobs.

20 apps that help provider organizations deliver care

Healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to apps that run on portable devices to support physicians or other caregivers. These small applications can fill a variety of roles, from accessing information in various databases to monitoring patients receiving care in the community. The apps mentioned in the following slides are generally available today, although some are in limited use or still being tested—however, they show a sampling of ways in which apps will get needed information to clinicians and assist them in doing their jobs.

Also this month, Health Data Management published a list of 30 top apps enabling patients and consumers to better manage their health and fitness. That list can be found here.


Developer: 1upHealth

1upHealth’s provider application helps aggregate patient data from external systems. Using a centralized platform, providers can view data sources that patients have connected via the 1upHealth patient application. A patient timeline shows demographic, medication, lab, condition and history information.



Developer: Accountable Care Transactions Inc.

ACT.md offers tools that enable providers to see the full picture of a patient’s needs and manage that care with partners across the community. It comes with an embedded suite of tools to securely share tasks, messages and data with community health and social services partners.



Developer: AirStrip Technologies

AirStrip aims to improve healthcare delivery with mobile interoperability solutions that connect clinicians and patients across geographic, technology and workflow boundaries. The solutions provide the engagement, collaboration and insight capabilities for caregivers and health systems to provide patient-centered care.



Developer: CarePassport Corp.

CarePassport is a healthcare app enabling patients to aggregate and access their medical data, including medical images, lab results, dental records, clinical reports and more from different healthcare providers. Patients can consolidate their medical records from any healthcare provider, imaging CDs, Apple Watch, health kit, Fitbit, health forms, CDA Files, JPEG, PDF documents or any self-reported medical records.



Developer: BBMK Technologies

ClotMD allows patients and healthcare providers to easily manage therapeutic use of warfarin, a Vitamin K antagonist, on a computer or mobile device. The app, accessed from a desktop or mobile device, connects patients on anticoagulation medicine with their providers for real-time communication.


Dock Health

Developer: Dock Health

Currently in beta, Dock is envisioned as the secure hub for managing clinical tasks together. The platform provides a HIPAA compliant collaborative solution to prioritize, delegate and track what a team needs to efficiently deliver quality care for their patients. It’s envisioned to be a collaboration platform intended to reduce the hassles that contribute to physician burnout.



Developer: DoseMe

DoseMeRx enables clinicians to optimize a patient’s dose, reducing the time spent on dose adjustments and minimizing the number of assays required for a range of drugs that require therapeutic drug monitoring. Using SMART and FHIR technologies, DoseMeRx integrates directly into an EHR and clinician’s workflow to automatically extract readily available information such as age, weight, dose administered, renal function and previous response to therapy.



Developer: Doximity

The app gives users access to Doximity, the largest medical professional network in the U.S., comprising more than 70 percent of all physicians as members. Benefits include the ability to search and find any other doctor, pharmacist, nurse practitioner or physician assistant; get a free efax number; earn Category 1 CME by reading articles; and privately browse jobs and compare salaries across the country.


Electronic Cause of Death

Developer: New Hampshire Department of State’s Division of Vital Records Administration

So far, this app is only available to physicians in New Hampshire, but it’s a great use of technology for a vexing problem. Funded by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, the New Hampshire electronic Cause of Death mobile app was conceptually designed, architected and licensed by the New Hampshire Department of State’s Division of Vital Records Administration, with technical collaboration and software development from IT service management vendor CNSI. It provides step-by-step wizard-driven guidance to help clinicians through the entire death certification process.


Forecast Health Risk Prediction and Prevention

Developer: Forecast Health

Delivered as an app with an electronic health record, the app enables physicians and care managers to identify patients at risk for unplanned readmissions, inappropriate hospital utilization, medication non-adherence and other adverse events. Physicians or care managers then receive patient-specific guidance on how to mitigate risks.


Intermountain Physician GermWatch

Developer: Intermountain Healthcare

The app provides Intermountain physicians and clinicians with relevant information to their scope of practice. It consists of antibiograms and surveillance. An antibiogram is the cumulative results from laboratory testing of isolated bacterial strains for susceptibility to different antibiotics and can be used as a tool by clinicians in the selection of an appropriate antibiotic. The disease update is an overview of GermWatch surveillance activity and is updated at least once a week to highlight current activity and can contain links to external sources.


Mayo Clinic for Medical Professionals

Developer: Mayo Clinic

The app enables clinicians to view clinical data for patients who have been referred to Mayo Clinic for care. The app can be used to navigate the following information: patient facts, clinical documents, images, lab results, medications and vital signs.



Developer: Cleveland Clinic

This free educational tool enables clinicians and patients to effectively manage epilepsy. The interactive app enables patients to keep a daily record of seizure activity, help manage appointments and track progress, provide a record and reminder of medications, request second opinions with a Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center specialist, and educational information.



Developer: Pulsara

The app enables EMS providers to alert emergency rooms from the field for any patient type. For example, when medics transport a patient, they can transmit information about vital signs and chief complaints; upload a secure image of the ECG or a photo of the patient’s injury; and automatically notify the hospital of the ambulance’s location and estimated time of arrival to the hospital, based on GPS technology.


Sideline Guidelines

Developer: Cleveland Clinic

The app is an educational tool for medical providers on the sidelines treating athletic injuries for high school, college and professional athletes. A national faculty has compiled a summary of expert knowledge to help diagnose athletic injuries (history, physical examination, and imaging), determine the ability of athletes to play their sport, recommend treatment in the training room and beyond, and estimate return to play time.


SMART Precision Cancer Medicine

Developer: Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

The EHR-agnostic, clinico-genomic mobile app was developed to demonstrate several features that will be needed for point-of-care conversations. The prototype visualizes genomic information in real time, comparing a patient’s diagnosis-specific somatic gene mutations detected by PCR-based hotspot testing to a population-level set of comparable data. The app can be implemented on any SMART on FHIR-enabled EHR, and future versions should be able to evolve in parallel with external knowledge bases.



Developer: TigerText

TigerText’s clinical communications solution connects healthcare teams with patient data from the EHR, nurse call systems and scheduling software for accelerated workflows that lead to greater collaboration, improved productivity and higher patient satisfaction. The developer says the app is secure, encrypted and HITRUST-certified.


TriVox Health

Developer: Boston Children’s Hospital

TriVox Health is a disease management platform currently monitoring thousands of patients at Boston Children's Hospital and several private practices. They have gathered over 2 million health data points from over 25,000 online surveys. It uses web and mobile-based technology to bridge the gap between patients' everyday life and their medical providers. The data leads to more efficient use of time during clinic visits, early detection of adverse events, and the potential prevention of emergency department visits and hospitalizations.


UPMC EMS Navigator

Developer: UPMC

For a quick reference on Pennsylvania Statewide Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) protocols, the UPMC EMS Navigator app can easily access essential information. The protocols are interactive and link users instantly to medication information, drug calculators and more necessary information.


Yes Health

Developer: Health Shop Inc.

The app is being used as part of a new program at the Diabetes Center at University of California at San Francisco; the mobile app will enable patients with pre-diabetes to share de-identified data with UCSF researchers, and in turn receive coaching from nutritionists, dieticians and fitness trainers. UCSF is partnering with Yes Health, which offers an all-mobile diabetes prevention program that includes the apps and coaches.


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