Zebra Medical Vision raises $30M in latest venture round

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Zebra Medical Vision, a machine and deep learning startup, has raised $30 million in C round funding, bringing the total investment in the company to $50 million, while unveiling its Textray chest X-ray research, a broad use of artificial intelligence on images of the chest.

The latest funding round was led by aMoon Ventures. Other strategic healthcare investors include Aurum, Johnson & Johnson Innovation (Johnson & Johnson Development Corp.) and Intermountain Healthcare, and leading global AI scientists Professor Fei Fei Lee and Richard Socher.

The new investors are joining a list of existing investors—Khosla Ventures, NVIDIA, Marc Benioff, OurCrowd and Dolby Ventures—who also participated in this latest round of funding.

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In unveiling the Textray initiative, Zebra calls it the most comprehensive AI research conducted on chest X-rays to date, providing a glimpse into a future product it’s developing to automate chest X-ray analysis.

The chest X-ray AI analytics product was trained using nearly 2 million images to identify 40 different common clinical findings. The results of the study demonstrated high rates of agreement between the algorithm and human radiologist experts.

Zebra Medical Vision is focusing its efforts on the growing market of AI-based tools for radiology. The company has received the CE regulatory mark in Europe for seven of its products, as well as approvals in numerous countries across Latin America and Asia, and continues to build a strong pipeline of AI-based products.

The company’s current and future arsenal of AI algorithms are expected to be bundled into a $1 per scan offering to hospitals, as Zebra Medical aims to provide scalable, transparent and affordable AI assistance to provider organizations.

“Medical experts worldwide are facing a critical challenge in handling overwhelming demand," says Yair Schindel, MD, managing partner at aMoon VC. “This investment aligns with our vision of backing scalable and sustainable innovations that will have a valuable impact on fundamental facets of global healthcare.”

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