WVU Medicine picks Carestream to boost digital radiology

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WVU Medicine has installed five room-based and 12 mobile digital imaging systems from Carestream Health. The purchases are a continuation of the academic medical center’s transition to digital radiology.

WVU Medicine installed three room-based systems at J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital’s outpatient center and two room-based systems at Fairmont Urgent Care Clinic.

The health system also purchased 12 mobile digital X-ray systems, which capture thousands of diagnostic exams each month at Ruby Memorial Hospital, the health system’s flagship facility.

The room-based imaging systems capture images in either automated or manual mode and automatically stitch images together for long-length studies in orthopedics, pediatrics, podiatry, trauma and other medical specialties.

For each room-based system, DRX-Evolution Plus, the academic medical center purchased two fixed detectors for the imaging system’s wall stand and table, and one wireless tabletop detector. The fixed detectors increase productivity for complex imaging studies and reduce the risk of technologists dropping detectors, explained Crystal Rosenberger, radiology manager for the J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital’s outpatient center.

“We conduct a lot of spine, long-length and scoliosis exams, and the productivity we gain is easily worth the investment in an additional detector for each system,” Rosenberger says.

When radiology technologists use the automated features of the system, they do not have to manually reposition components, such as the heavy overhead X-ray tube, between images—that helps to reduce the risk of injury to their shoulders and arms.

“We can also use the system in manual mode when needed for specialty exams, so we have the best of both worlds,” Rosenberger adds.

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