What do HIM Departments Look Like in 2016?

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A new white paper, written by Linda Kloss, former head of the American Health Information Management Association and now a consultant, examines what HIM departments of the future will look like. Precyse Solutions LLC, a vendor of HIM services, sponsored the paper.

Kloss lays out planning for HIM in 2016, when major health care reform and health information technology initiatives will be in place. She lists, and then digs into, Top 10 trends affecting HIM in 2016:

1. Clinical and business process leaders increasingly need to own the EHR and other technologies in order for these technologies to be successful.

2. Some level of information management is a basic competence for most who work in health care.

3. HIM functions are distributed and embedded throughout organizations, with greater focus on support of patient care and population health mission.

4. There is greater recognition of the importance of managing the records management/information management aspects of digital information through its life cycle. Critical functions will include data integrity, legal health record, e-discovery, privacy and access, and authentication management.

5. Plans for broad payment reform are coalescing as a result of risk--and outcomes-based payment pilots and demonstrations under the Affordable Care Act.

6. Health systems continue to work at reducing overall costs by 20 percent to remain financially viable.

7. The linkage between improvements in quality and improvements in financial performance is well documented.

8. An increasing number of people rely on technology and information to assist in self-management and select providers who deliver cost-effective care.

9. Clinicians require and use tools and information to anticipate the outcomes and cost consequences of their clinical decisions at the point of care.

10. The design of ICD-11 is being evaluated, and planning for implementation is projected for 2020.

The white paper is available here for free but registration is required. Kloss is the chair of the upcoming Healthcare Analytics Symposium & Expo, sponsored by Health Data Management. For more information on the event, click here.

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