Wearable device for hand osteoarthritis sends data to clinicians

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A wearable glove for the treatment of osteoarthritis can be controlled by a smartphone or a standalone Internet of Things device and can be remotely monitored by the patient’s doctor.

The product, from Quantic Nanotech is touted as a wearable device for the aid, prevention and home treatment of osteoarthritis. The creator, Jose Luis Torre, CEO at DEMACgroup, the parent company of Quantic Nanotech, was diagnosed three years ago with hand osteoarthritis and found conventional treatments too complicated. “I decided to create a more simple and efficient solution for everyone,” he says.

Jaun Mulero, MD, a rheumatologist at the Ruber Internacional Hospital of Madrid and familiar with the glove, says osteoarthritis, which can cause deformities in the hand, is very common, with 16 percent of woman and 8 percent of males afflicted.

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“The glove can be very useful for patients with hand osteoarthritis, supplemented with topical treatments,” Mulero notes. “This device is a way to apply at the same time in the day and during the night several modalities of treatment in the osteoarthritic hand.”

Mulero also recommends use of topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and splints. Quantic Nanotech is being presented at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this month in Las Vegas.

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