Vendors focus on treatment gaps to help aid patient engagement

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Electronic health record vendor Cerner is working with GetWellNetwork to close treatment gaps that can occur when patients move from the hospital to outpatient sites.

GetWellNetwork has a suite of patient engagement software to help a team of providers engage patients before they arrive and after they are admitted.

Using automated check-ins, and identifying patients who should be taken for care quicker, such as in near real time, sets the stage for proactive intervention before complications and costs arise.

The engagement software also helps patients better understand upcoming treatments and be more active in the decision-making process, which lowers costs for providers.

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Through better communication via the software, patients can engage members of the care team, view the treatment plan and select personalized educational material to prepare for the procedure.

This includes use of software to create an experience that is connected across care settings by providing the same information and guidance to the patient before, during and after an encounter.

“Our work together will help elevate consumer experiences and engagement beyond what our clients have been able to achieve on a stand-alone basis,” explains John Gresham, senior vice president of health networks at Cerner.

Further, healthcare providers are pressing vendors to deliver cross-continuum care that makes consumer engagement and care coordination seamless, acknowledges Michael O’Neil, founder and CEO at GetWellNetwork.

“Combining our expertise in solutions that improve the patient experience with Cerner’s world-class platforms creates immense opportunity for our healthcare clients to better meet today’s highly-connected healthcare consumer,” he adds.

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