VBC best practices: Technology aids IPA in support clinicians

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Dallas-based Genesis Physicians Group is the largest independent physician practice association in North Texas, comprising more than 1,400 physician members representing more than 70 specialties.

As an IPA, Genesis Physicians Group supports private practices in the business of medicine. Genesis helps physicians remain independent by providing tools and services to remain profitable while providing quality care.

Members of the group have joined together for contracting, credentialing, group purchasing and management services.

Health Data Management's inaugural Best Practices in Value-Based Care (Sept. 21 and 22 in Dallas) will feature a presentation by Jim Walton, DO, president and CEO of Genesis Physicians Group. Here, he answers questions about how his group is facing challenges from value-based care, and the impact it’s having on providers.

You have said one thing healthcare needs more of is 'courage' - what do you mean by that?
Walton: Courage in healthcare delivery means taking seriously the responsibility for improving the population—health and well-being, transforming care delivery to maximize both quality of outcomes and the patient’s satisfaction, while reducing the rate of increase in costs.

How is technology enabling Genesis in its transition to value-based care?
Walton: Genesis has collaborated with two other major IPAs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and contracted with a Dallas-based technology company, revelationMD, providing physicians with web-based software to support physician-to-physician referrals, quality care gap identification and management, and individual physician quality and utilization performance reports.

You'll be talking about culture change at the conference. Could you sum up your lessons learned there into a one sentence?
Walton: Culture change relates to the trust independent physicians are developing with one another as they collaborate to deliver better health care in value-based contracts, providing Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area employers, employees and insurers an independent physician solution to the rapidly rising costs of healthcare.

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