VA releases tool for better integrating agency’s dozens of apps

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The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched the Swiss Army knife of mobile apps, organizing VA health information and resources into five separate categories.

The VA’s new Launchpad app is free and meant to streamline healthcare tools for veterans and their caregivers by creating one convenient location where they can access and launch the VA app of their choice with a single secure login.

Apps available in VA Launchpad are divided into in five categories: health management, healthcare team communication, vital health information sharing, mental health improvement and quality of life improvement.

“VA has developed dozens of apps for veterans to take charge of their healthcare,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie in a written statement. “VA Launchpad makes it easier to have these important tools available at your fingertips.”

Two years ago, the VA launched a beta version of its cloud-based application programming interface management platform to provide commercial software developers with access to tools for building mobile and web apps on a standard set of APIs. The initiative—called Lighthouse—connects data from different sources using an open-source API gateway platform on a private VA cloud so veterans have a real-time, comprehensive view of their healthcare.

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The VA’s new Launchpad app includes the ability to view and share electronic health records, book medical appointments, refill prescriptions, as well as communicate with the agency’s healthcare providers.

Apps for connecting with VA care teams include uploading homemade videos, real-time face-to-face appointments, and sending and receiving secure messages to and from the care teams.

The Launchpad app, which can be used on phones and tablets, may be downloaded to a device from the Apple App Store and Google Play—and, is available for iOS version 11 or higher and Android version 4.0 or higher.

Additional information about Launchpad, including a User Manual and Quick Start Guide, can be found here.

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