Use cases will demonstrate progress in information exchange

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Data exchange among healthcare organizations has achieved increased importance as many in the regulatory sphere now recognize the importance of ensuring the free flow of information among all constituents.

Pressure is rising to ensure that the industry is not engaged in blocking information, either because of competitive pressure or technical issues.

This year’s progress in achieving interoperability will be on display at HIMSS17, where 34,000 square feet of floor space will be used to show industry progress in exchanging information among various partners in healthcare.

In the Interoperability Showcase, HIMSS offers an immersive experience that demonstrates the use of data and its exchange, through various profiles and standards with live products that are currently in the marketplace.

“Due to the shift from fee-for-service to value-based models, the new showcase moves from beyond focusing on the EHR as the sole data source for electronic health information, to a wide range of health information technologies used by individuals, providers and researchers,” HIMSS says.

The emphasis at HIMSS17 will go beyond just demonstrating interoperability in transactions to more complex information exchanges. The showcase has been redesigned to demonstrate how interoperability will be fleshed out in a variety of use cases.

Various tours in the interoperability showcase will follow the exchange of information in the following areas:

• Accountable care

• Public health reporting

• Commonwell care transitions

• Community health

• Diabetes management

• Surgery and recovery

• Patient data reconciliation

The showcase is the result of collaborative effort between public and private sector vendors and represents months of work to create standards-based demonstrations of interoperability from the perspective of an individual such as a clinician, caregiver, administrator or patient.

The Interoperability showcase is open February 20 through 22 anytime during exhibit hours in booth 9000 in the exhibit hall.

General information about the Interoperability showcase can be found here.

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