Tampa General telemed station provides staff with virtual care

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Staff at Tampa General Hospital now have access to a telemedicine station that offers virtual consults with clinicians via high-definition video and audio, as well as automated pharmaceutical services.

The 1,007-bed nonprofit academic medical center has installed the telemed station—from Florida-based health tech vendor OnMed—inside the hospital as part of its Team Member Health program.

“At Tampa General Hospital, we are on a journey to becoming the safest and most innovative academic health system in America,” says John Couris, TGH’s president and CEO. “The health and wellness of our team members are just as important to us as the patients we care for everyday at our hospital. By utilizing the OnMed Station within our employee base, we can ensure that our staff is prioritizing their wellness with access to instant care, if needed.”

Tampa General Hospital is the first customer to deploy the OnMed telemed station, which provides myriad healthcare services:

· Height, weight and BMI measurements
· Thermal imaging to measure body temperature and diagnose infection
· Readings of blood pressure, respiration, and blood oxygen saturation
· Audio and visual inspection of vitals in HD video and audio
· High-output ultraviolet surface and air sanitization to eliminate pathogens after patient visits
· Exam room protected by privacy glass
· Live and life-size physician encounter
· Option to securely transmit results to primary care physicians
· Dispensing of hundreds of common medications
· Ability to provide paper prescriptions, e-prescriptions to preferred pharmacies, referrals and self-service lab kits for diagnostic testing

The initial deployment of the telemed station is just the beginning for Tampa General Hospital, which is planning to install stations throughout the community.

“We are looking to partner with OnMed to place this innovative health technology station in various public consumer-facing areas, such as local schools and airports,” says Adam Smith, TGH’s senior vice president of ambulatory services. “Right now, we are committed to prioritizing the wellness of our own team members by providing them access to instant care, when they need it. We believe the OnMed Station will prove valuable for our teams.”

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