Small Survey Shows Dismal Level of Readiness for ICD-10

Claims clearinghouse Gateway EDI recently held a Web seminar on ICD-10 issues and polled attendees, finding that only one-third have even started planning for the new code sets.

The Department of Health and Human Services on Feb. 16 announced an unspecified delay in the ICD-10 compliance date, which previously was Oct. 1, 2013. Gateway held its Web seminar on March 13, and 170 attendees completed the poll. Other results included:

* Only 1 percent of respondents are securing a line of credit;

* 11 percent are postponing preparations until a new deadline is set;

* 58 percent are currently identifying training needs; and

* Less than 30 percent are assessing vendor readiness and reviewing their own policies, procedures and systems for necessary updates.

Gateway previously held the same seminar on Jan. 24 and had more than 1,000 attendees; the March seminar following the HHS announcement of a delay drew 781 attendees.

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