Saint Francis interoperability efforts cap off Stage 7 award

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center managed what is typically a difficult role—that as an intermediary between two vendors’ electronic records systems—and helped achieve a significant level of interoperability between the products.

The hard work paid off—the Hartford, Conn.-based facility assisted in the building and testing the data exchange, and also adapted workflow to optimize the initiative.

As a result of its efforts and achievements in the use of EHRs, Saint Francis has been awarded the Stage 7 designation for the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model.

St. Francis Final-CROP.png

In making the designation, HIMSS Analytics says Saint Francis collaborated with a specialized niche electronic medical record (EMR) software company and one large vendor to study, report and exchange data between the two systems.

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The team worked closely with desktop, server and virtualization professionals to create the specific application package that was required to deploy the functionality to all of the reading workstations in an organized and uniform fashion, HIMSS Analytics reported in making the award. The teams also were able to develop an application package that would enable remote echocardiology reads.

“Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center has implemented advanced capabilities that include capturing discrete data into the EMR from the cardiovascular information system and using RFID technology in the pharmacy medication dispensing process for the operating room,” said John H. Daniels, global vice president of the healthcare advisory services group for HIMSS Analytics. “They are experiencing some phenomenal revenue cycle benefits thanks to their focused attention on IT-enabled process efficiencies,”

“Achieving EMRAM Stage 7 validates that we are using our technology to provide safer, more efficient, cost-effective and higher quality care for our patients,” said John F. Rodis, MD, Saint Francis’ president. “Our unified care transitions and enhanced communication between healthcare providers will result in better care for our patients.”

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