Roche releases enterprise platform for pathology images

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Roche is launching a new version of its enterprise platform that enables pathologists to better study and manage digital images.

The uPath enterprise software is designed to enable pathologists to personalize workflows, and the company says it enhances the user experience by decreasing image rendering times, integrating automated image analysis and improving efficiency by aiding pathologists in sharing images.

The uPath software integrates imaging and analysis tools—both automated and manual—that enable slide markups to be managed by the uPath multi-slide viewer. Reporting features enable pathologists to aggregate notes, measurements and slide scoring into images or standardized PDF documents. Roche is delivering a new foundation of its digital pathology solution which will enable the development of artificial intelligence-based image analysis algorithms that can provide pathologists more tools to improve efficiency and precision.

As part of the redesign process, Roche acquired the Leeds Virtual Microscope technology from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. That technology enables pathologists to diagnose a patient case more quickly by viewing all the slides in a case “in a single seamless view,” as well as integrating patient information simultaneously, Roche executives say.

The virtual microscope technology also lets pathologists view multiple slides with a variety of stains in a single view, which is not possible with a standard microscope. The virtual microscope technology operates on displays that range from laptops to large ultra-high definition screens.

The uPath software offers pathologists, histo-technicians and administrators a single platform to manage all aspects of the pathology workflow through diagnosis. With the customization offered through uPath software, requesting second opinions and sharing cases takes less time that has traditionally been required, with no geographical limitations as is typically encountered with glass slides.

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