Remote device helps Mayo assess cardiovascular strategies

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The Mayo Clinic is studying the use of new technology that applies machine learning to study heart disease through precise remote monitoring of cardiac function.

Researchers are monitoring ECG and heart sounds data using the Eko Home application, which also can be used to create drug-data combinations to demonstrate real-world efficacy for pharmaceutical trials. It also enables physicians to collect data, including biometrics, while patients are outside of clinical settings.

The Mayo study is evaluating different strategies of cardiovascular therapy to reduce the incidence of declining heart function and heart failure in at-risk breast cancer patients while they are on trastuzumab therapy.

“Eko Home provides a critical monitoring and data collection component for clinical studies, leveraging the power of machine learning to improve all types of clinical analysis,” explains Connor Landgraf, CEO at Eko. This insight offers researchers and physicians cardiac data to make better judgments, recommendations, or adjustments to their research.”

By year-end, Eko expects to offer its drug-data combinations to additional life science partners as well as hospitals and other provider organizations that want to build the Eko platform directly into their applications.

Information on the Mayo clinical trial is available here.

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