Picking Quality Measures for Future MU Stages

The quality measures workgroup of the HIT Policy Committee is seeking public input through Dec. 23 as it develops recommendations for clinical quality measures in Stages 2 and 3 of the electronic health records meaningful use criteria.

In a new entry on the Federal Advisory Committee Blog site, the workgroup requests general comments and specific examples of measures for each measure concept that fit the following criteria:

* HIT-sensitive--Capable of being built into electronic health record (EHR) systems with implementation of relevant health IT functions (e.g., clinical decision support) that result in improved outcomes and/or clinical performance.

* Parsimonious--Applies across multiple types of providers, care settings and conditions.

* Demonstrates preventable burden--Supports potential improvements in population health and reduces burden of illness.

* Assesses health risk status and outcomes--Supports assessment of patient health risks that can be used for risk adjusting other measures, and assessing changes in outcomes, including general cross-cutting measures of risk status and functional status and condition-specific measures.

* Longitudinal--Enables assessment of longitudinal, condition-specific, patient-focused episodes of care.

"Your comments will inform the work of the HIT Policy Committee in supporting the development of HIT-sensitive clinical quality measures; these comments are important to shaping public policy on the future of e-measure development," writes workgroup chair David Lansky. Click here for more information.

--Joseph Goedert


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