Pfizer mixes game, app and wearable to educate hemophiliacs

Pfizer has launched a game, supported by a mobile app and a custom wearable wristband, to enable persons with hemophilia to become better educated about the disease and track daily activity levels while also monitoring their heart rate.

The game is called Hemocraft and is a take-off on the video game Minecraft which offers a virtual land in which users create their own worlds and experiences using resources on the site.

The wristband, which is free, works regardless of the type of treatment a patient is receiving, integrates with the vendor’s HemMobile app to log bleeds and infusions, monitors an individual’s factor supply (emergency use of medication) and sets appointment reminders. This information can support an informed conversation between patients and physicians, according to the company.

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The app is free and available on the Google Play and Apple Store sites. The wristband is available at physician offices and hemophilia treatment centers.

Pfizer is partnering with online shopping site Striiv and Drexel University to provide products and educational programs such as Pfizer Community Connections, Pfizer Hemophilia Connect and

Pfizer does not collect patient data through the wearable wristband or the mobile app. However, Striiv collects anonymous raw data from the wearable on patients’ steps, distance, activity minutes, acceleration levels and calories. Patients decide which data they will share with clinicians or others.

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