Patient-Centered Medical Homes on Right Track

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A Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative analysis of the effectiveness of primary care patient-centered medical homes reveals the PCMH movement results in lower costs and decreased utilization.

The report, "The Patient-Centered Medical Home’s Impact on Cost and Quality, Annual Review of Evidence, 2013-2014," is the third annual Milbank Memorial Fund-supported report on the topic from the organization. It analyzes new evidence from primary care PCMH initiatives taking place in both public and private markets throughout the United States. The publication includes an aggregation of PCMH outcomes from a combination of 28 peer-reviewed studies, state government program evaluations, and industry reports.

“Enhanced primary care in the form of the PCMH has the potential to change the quality and cost of health care in America,” said PCPCC CEO Marci Nielsen. “This report serves as a go-to resource to inform policymakers, providers, payers, and patients on the most recent evidence regarding the PCMH and its impact on the health care marketplace.”

Results across PCMH efforts of various structures include:

14 peer-reviewed scholarly publications (not all measured both cost and utilization)

*Six of the 10 studies reported reductions in cost (60 percent)

*12 of the 13 studies reported improvements in utilization (92 percent)

7 State government reports

*All seven reported reductions in cost (100 percent)

*Six reported improvements in utilization (86 percent)

7 Industry reports

*Four reported reductions in cost (57 percent)

*Six reported improvements in utilization (86 percent)

The report concludes with perspectives from several guest experts on key areas integral to the future development of enhanced primary care and the PCMH. These areas include: integration into medical neighborhoods and accountable care organizations; financial support for primary care; consumer and public engagement; development of team-based health professions; and the role of technology in the PCMH and primary care.

The full report is available here.

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