Onkos Surgical, 3D Systems to work on surgical planning project

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Onkos Surgical has signed a four-year agreement with 3D Systems in a move that will give Parsippany, N.J.-based Onkos access to three-dimensional models for surgical planning.

The partners also say they will be working to get future clearances from the Food and Drug Administration to develop three-dimensional printed implants as well as instruments that can be used in tumor reconstruction.

Rock Hills, S.C.-based 3D Systems employs imaging technology in a virtual surgical planning (VSP) orthopedic product line, which has received FDA market clearance for cranio-maxillofacial procedures, delivered via a service-based approach for personalized surgical procedures. The technology involves medical imaging, surgical simulation and 3D printing.

With VSP, a surgeon initiates the process, bringing clinical knowledge and desired surgical plan to an online web meeting with a 3D Systems biomedical engineer to simulate and plan the surgical procedure. The efforts result in a digital plan that can be used in the operating room with accurate 3D printed patient-specific models, guides and templates.

Now, Onkos and 3D Systems hope to use that approach to advance the delivery of personalized surgical solutions to help improve outcomes for patients who have tumors and lesions in the pelvis and bones found in the arms and legs, which are associated with musculoskeletal cancers.

The companies say the combination of VSP and 3D printing will enable surgeons to preoperatively plan a procedure, as well as design surgical tools and implants for each patient’s unique case.

Onkos creates implants and instruments that meet the needs of musculoskeletal patients, employing 3D printed devices and instrumentation with patient-specific surgical simulation.

"The relationship with 3D Systems enhances our capabilities with product bundles and patient-specific solutions," said Sean Curry, senior vice president of commercial operations for Onkos Surgical.

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