ONC makes awards in Easy EHR Issue Reporting Challenge

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The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has announced the winners of its challenge to identify potential solutions for helping providers report on the usability or safety of their EHR systems.

ONC’s Easy EHR Issue Reporting Challenge was a call to industry to create software tools to make it easier for clinicians to efficiently and effectively report concerns about the usability or safety of EHRs.

“Improving the safety of health IT remains an important priority,” said Andy Gettinger, MD, ONC chief clinical officer. “We believe that making it easier for end users to report will help in that goal.”

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According to ONC, the three challenge awardees developed tools that “could help clinicians report EHR usability and safety issues faster, more efficiently, and in alignment with their regular clinical workflow.”

The $45,000 first place prize was awarded to James Madison Advisory Group for their solution for reporting possible safety events which launches through a system tray icon or hotkey on any Windows 8 or higher installation.

“Use of the tray icon or hotkey keeps the user from exiting the EHR workflow, regardless of the EHR platform,” states ONC’s announcement. “The tool exports in the HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Common Formats XML and PDF, captures screenshots, and simplifies the report delivery process.”

The $25,000 second place prize was awarded to Pegwin, which provides a software platform that can create and send a safety or usability report in as few as three clicks.

“Using contextual menus and design intuitive to the user, the software makes completion of Common Formats reporting as automated as possible,” according to ONC.

The $10,000 third place prize was awarded to Jared Schwartz and team for their solution which leverages a “browser plug-in to Google Chrome that can integrate with IT ticketing systems, enabling more consistent capture of safety issues” and the “user can also provide additional information immediately or save for a more convenient time.”

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