Northern Virginia Docs Launch Their Own HIE

The Medical Society of Northern Virginia has launched HeaLixVA, which the organization says is "a physician-led, secure and confidential electronic system to share patient information across all points of medical care in our community."

The platform will feature standard HIE technologies, including an enterprise master patient index, EHR interfacing, referral messaging, a patient portal, an audit repository, and more.

"HeaLixVA will be supported by MSNVA experts who will deliver technical assistance to subscribers from set-up through implementation, providing physicians with the security and necessary educational support for a successful adoption," the McLean, Va.-based organization said. "This technology will help physicians find efficiencies and cost saving measures that will reduce escalating overhead costs of running a practice, manage their patients' clinical data, drive the use of evidence-based medicine, while delivering high quality and cost effective medical care."

The MSNVA will charge participating clinicians $25 per provider per month to participate in the exchange. Subscribers to HeaLixVA can also receive monthly clinical analytics reporting to view and monitor patients' longitudinal data and quantify outcomes.

"These reporting tools will help physicians effectively analyze their own performance measures to quickly and efficiently learn from data results, and improve services and delivery of care," the organization said. "Moreover, having access to data sets that are currently used by payers and hospitals to profile physicians will empower subscribers to negotiate fair reimbursement rates with insurance companies."

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