New patient engagement app designed to help the chronically ill

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A new app has been released to help persons with chronic conditions manage their daily treatments.

Wave App, developed by TTI now is available for all iPhone and Android platforms, as well as some wearable devices and tablets.

The app enables patients to track and record activities, symptoms, side effects, medications, sleep patterns, moods and physical activity along with the ability to share health updates with loved ones and healthcare providers.

An artificial intelligence analysis system enables personalized insights on how certain actions and encounters are related to each patient’s overall wellbeing.

Users can track more than 20 activities during treatment and also have access to insights from other patients based on users with similar demographic and diagnostic profiles that are updated each day. Overall, the app was designed for patients fighting more than 175 chronic diseases.

Wave App developer TTI also built chemoWave that focuses on oncology patients.

“Every patient is unique, but too often treatments are standardized,” says Jaren Grenell, co-founder and creative director at Wave App. Patients don’t have to feel overwhelmed by symptoms and side effects.”

“Things like nausea, constipation, fatigue, hair loss, depression, loss of appetite and much more can be significantly reduced if not eliminated altogether while fighting chronic illness,” he adds.

Wave App lets patients track not only treatment experience, but to go further to help patients interpret patterns and discover personal insights to optimize their own personal treatment experience.

A personal story that lead to creation of Wave App is available in the American Journal of Managed Care and also available here.

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