New IT community seeks to separate emerging tech hype from reality

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The newest member community created by CompTIA, a trade association for the global technology industry, is encouraging the adoption of new and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, quantum computing and more.

The CompTIA Emerging Technology Community includes industry executives and thought leaders who have an understanding of new technologies and insight into how to create business opportunities and transform business operations, according to the association.

That addresses one of the key problems for most organizations with over-hyped technology trends--figuring out which is ready to be used to address existing or near-future problems.

“The challenge for many organizations is to separate hype from reality, and to identify those new technologies that make the most sense for them,” says Estelle Johannes, CompTIA’s staff liaison to the community. “We’ve recruited some of the brightest minds in our industry to help lead that effort.”

In one of its first tasks, the community identified 10 areas that have the potential to make the greatest immediate impact on business operations. These include the Internet of Things (IoT), automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality/virtual reality, 5G wireless, 3D printing, drones, biometrics, blockchain and quantum computing.

The new community is developing guidance for organizations on the factors to consider when contemplating which emerging technologies are best to meet their needs.

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