NetDirector, DocPanel collaborate to speed image sharing

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An agreement between a cloud-based data exchange and an organization of subspecialty radiologists aims to facilitate image and report sharing.

DocPanel, a network of more than 300 subspecialty radiologists who provide radiology interpretations for providers and patients, will use NetDirector, a cloud-based data exchange and integration platform.

The combination has benefits for both partners.

DocPanel’s radiologists, scattered across 41 states and academic institutions, will benefit by being able to better share complex imaging exams and reports.

"DocPanel was built to make it possible for imaging providers to receive the best possible radiology interpretations available, no matter where they are," says Cate Lloyd, COO of DocPanel. "By partnering with NetDirector, together we will make that world-class service easier to access and more cost-effective and interoperable for both the initial provider, and the participating radiologist, ensuring sustainability and availability for all participants."

NetDirector's cloud-based integration-platform-as-a-service model will make specialty care more rapidly accessible and easier to leverage for the providers who are directly servicing the patients by handling the complex integrations and variety of systems providing medical imaging data.

DocPanel will first use NetDirector's HealthData Exchange to receive digital orders from customers and return diagnostic results back to imaging centers. NetDirector enables them to fast-track onboarding of new trading partners and significantly reduce IT resource overhead to maintain a multitude of data interfaces.

They are also looking to potentially expand services by utilizing NetDirector's new DICOM image converter to automate the inclusion of PDFs to DICOM directly into the radiologist's reading protocols and eliminate on-premise licensed software.

Additionally, NetDirector's new Health Data Monitor (HDM) makes the whole integration environment easier to monitor and maintain compliance than ever before. Network participants are notified of delays or connectivity concerns in real time through the HDM dashboard and can respond as needed or engage with their dedicated integration analyst who are domain experts in healthcare workflow and integration technologies.

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