Military Health System can access patient info through 7 state HIEs

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The Military Health System is adding medical information from seven health information exchanges to enhance its ability to share medical records.

The system, which serves the Department of Defense and provides healthcare to active duty and retired military personnel and their dependents, is working with the Kansas Health Information Network, the eHealth Exchange of the Sequoia Project and KAMMCO, which provides a suite of products and services to physicians.

“This represents the growing capabilities of HIEs to share records in all locations from which a patient has received care,” says Laura McCrary, executive director at the Kansas Health Information network.

Military hospitals and clinics now have access to HIEs in Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey and South Carolina.

The Military Health System serves 9.4 million beneficiaries across the globe and now can improve coordination of care through more civilian networks.

“Through HIEs, records are available securely from the private sector if the HIE is on-boarded to the Military Health System,” explains Kimberly Heermann-Do, health information exchange office lead at the Veterans Administration. “Having access to records for patients across the KAMMCO network will assist Military Health providers with clinical decisions.”

The Medical Society of New Jersey is pleased with the expanded data sharing opportunities as the state hosts a large base that provides care to many active duty personnel and their families, notes Larry Downs, CEO. “Sharing clinical information from our physician practices with the Military Health System furthers our support in this important area.”

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