Michigan Blues: Medical Homes Save Us Money

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in a new study estimates it saved $155 million in prevented claims costs during the first three years of its patient-centered medical home program, from July 2008 through June 2011.

That study factored in savings from a multitude of physician practices in various stages of medical home development. Published in the July issue of Health Services Research Journal, the Michigan Blues plan estimated it saved another $155 million during the fourth year of the medical home program as cost savings from highly developed medical home practices are substantially greater.

Researchers at Michigan Blues and the University of Michigan found fully implemented medical homes resulted in higher quality and preventive care measures and saved $26.37 per member per month. But smaller levels of improved quality and reduced costs also were found at practices with incremental implementation of a medical home.

More information on the Michigan Blues medical home program is available at valuepartnerships.com.

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