Medfusion is the latest vendor to join AMA health model initiative

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Medfusion is the latest healthcare stakeholder to join the American Medical Association’s Integrated Health Model Initiative.

The vendor, which offers a patient engagement platform, is the most recent addition to the initiative, intended to aid the development of information systems to better aid clinicians in delivering patient care.

The AMA started IHMI in October 2017 to help improve health data collection, organization and sharing to give a better picture of patients’ health journeys and more accurately predict outcomes.

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IHMI currently has about 30 participating organizations that include providers, vendors, labs and researchers. The initiative seeks to develop common data model standards that transform fragmented and inaccessible healthcare data into a stream of accessible and actionable information.

“The ultimate goal of IHMI is to unleash a new era of better, more effective patient care,” says James Madara, MD, CEO of the AMA. “Harnessing the power of health data to benefit both the clinician and the patient is absolutely critical.”

The importance of IHMI, according to Madara, is that it will help the healthcare system learn how to collect, organize and engage patient-centered data in a common structure that captures what is most important for improving care and long-term wellness.

The expectation of IHMI is that it will help all clinicians be equipped with the information they need to shift care plans towards achieving outcomes more relevant to patients’ quality of life and consistent with their lifestyle, goals and health status.

IHMI will host clinical and issue-based communities to focus on costly and burdensome issues, develop a clinical validation process to determine and apply appropriate clinical frameworks with participants contributing feedback online to specify data elements and relationships, and develop an approach to encode information into the IHMI data model.

Clinical content will enable configurations of the model and reference value sets that can be distributed. Based on market needs, additional communities can be created and added to the platform. More information is available here.

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