Mayo Clinic, nference partner on Clinical Data Analytics Platform

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Augmented intelligence vendor nference has been selected by the Mayo Clinic to apply advanced analytics to de-identified clinical and molecular data, as well as biomedical literature, to improve patient care.

The Cambridge, Mass.-based company will serve as the first Clinical Data Analytics Platform partner under the Mayo Clinic Platform, an initiative meant to improve healthcare via data-driven insights and to elevate the provider to a global leadership position in the area of digital health.

“Platform business models have been a force of disruption in many sectors, and the rapid digitalization of healthcare is affording us an unprecedented opportunity to solve complex medical problems and improve lives of people on a global scale,” says John Halamka, MD, president of the Mayo Clinic Platform.

Specifically, the Mayo Clinic says it picked nference for the Clinical Data Analytics Platform to “accelerate drug discovery and development across the biopharmaceutical ecosystem” by focusing on “identifying targets and biomarkers for new drugs, optimal matching of patients with therapeutic regimen, and real-world data and evidence applications, such as label expansion, post-marketing surveillance and drug purposing.”

Leveraging neural networks, nference contends that it provides automated extraction of insights in real time by “triangulating” unstructured and structured information from large-scale clinical and molecular datasets as well as scientific literature.

“The creation of an expansive platform of de-identified clinical and molecular data that places patient privacy first, is imperative for leveraging institutional knowledge,” says Murali Aravamudan, co-founder and CEO of nference. “Our technology makes the predominantly unstructured biomedical knowledge computable, facilitating the discovery and development of new therapeutics.”

The Clinical Data Analytics Platform will use de-identified data from the Mayo Clinic and other organizations. However, thanks to a federated architecture, the platform will enable “multiple participants to build a common, robust artificial intelligence and machine learning model without sharing datasets, thus addressing critical issues such as data privacy, security and access rights to heterogeneous sources of data,” according to the announcement.

“For more than a century, our patients have entrusted us with their biomedical information, with the knowledge that Mayo Clinic would use it to advance the science of medicine,” says Clark Otley, MD, chief medical officer for the Mayo Clinic Platform. “Advanced data and technology capabilities offer great potential to not just improve the health of patients through the treatment of disease but to prevent and cure it.”

Last week, nference announced the completion of a $60 million Series B round to advance its augmented intelligence software platform, with the Mayo Clinic participating in this financing as a strategic investor.

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