Life Image releases offering to aid real-world evidence research

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A company that’s gathering medical data and images is launching an expansive image repository to equip medical researchers working on real-world evidence programs.

Newton, Mass.-based Life Image says it’s making Real World Imaging (RWI) available with the intent of improving the effectiveness of real world evidence programs for life sciences and artificial intelligence. RWI offers large, heterogeneous, de-identified and linkable imaging data sets that integrate to longitudinal clinical outcomes.

The company says the new offering also will be used to train artificial intelligence models that require deeper accuracy across diverse data sets.

Life Image specializes in “living” or evolving data sets of novel imaging that’s linkable to other clinical information. Its data represent thousands of patients, millions of images and associated reports sorted into more than 25 categories of anatomical parts, including the head, lungs, breast and chest, among others. The data represents a wide range of demographics, linked longitudinal records and from a wide range of manufacturers of imaging modalities.

Imaging data—especially for real world evidence approaches—has historically been difficult to access, retrieve, view, de-identify and normalize, even though it provides clinically material insights for a growing number of therapies. For more than a decade, Life Image has been using common interoperability standards to gather and enable comparative use of previously segregated imaging data.

Imaging now “can be utilized as an effective part of the RWE process by eliminating manual processing and compliance errors, providing access to large heterogeneous data sets, and doing so at the speed of the internet,” says Matthew Michela, CEO and president of Life Image.

“With RWI, Life Image is expanding its focus on helping researchers and innovators capture the full potential of RWE by providing ‘living’ data sets that grow and become even more meaningful over time,” Michela adds. “This makes it possible to answer questions as they arise as opposed to answering one question in a limited manner retrospectively, such as carefully controlled clinical trials.”

In addition to RWI data, Life Image also provides value-added services to researchers and innovators, including end-to-end management for de-identification, data curation and linking across medical claims, EHR, genetics and other phenotypical commercial and public data assets.

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