Lenovo Health, LifeMed ID partner on identity approach

Lenovo Health is working with LifeMed ID to offer a service that they contend will address vexing healthcare problems, including duplicate records, medical identity theft, and payment fraud.

The companies say they have built a services offering, which includes the Authoritative Identity Management Exchange solution, to enable a patient to have a single identity across the continuum of care.

The solution is built on three processes: establishing a trusted patient ID token, linking their ID token to their correct medical records and automatically invoking the correct patient record.

The companies say the solution is designed to decrease processing time, data entry errors and administration costs, while eliminating duplicate patient records. The system can identify patients based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Assurance Level 3 criteria as patients transition between care settings, enabling facilities to confidently treat patients and successfully manage their identities.

Tom Foley

The healthcare industry faces challenges with duplicate records, medical identity theft and payment fraud, which impact a patient's experience and the quality of data throughout each point of care, says Tom Foley, director of global health solution strategy in Lenovo Health.

These problems affect healthcare organizations and their ability to manage risk and result in revenue loss across the healthcare system. Lenovo Health, along with LifeMed ID, identified these reasons as needs for a universal patient identity service.

"Through this Patient Identity Service, we are facilitating improved interoperability and data protection, which leads to greater quality of care," Foley says. "This goes beyond significantly reducing costs and errors in the health industry—it's about improving patients' lives through better accuracy and data security."

"The industry has always experienced a costly ripple effect from not optimizing the accuracy of patient identification and record matching," says David Batchelor, founder and CEO of LifeMed ID. "Positive patient identification with automated record matching should be an industry requirement to guard patient safety."

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