Laptop Loaded with PHI Stolen from Lexington Clinic

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Following the Dec. 7 theft of an unencrypted laptop, Lexington Clinic in Kentucky is notifying 1,018 patients who received services in the neurology department.

The laptop contained patient names, contact information and diagnoses, but did not hold Social Security numbers or financial information. The theft occurred in an office park in one of 25 locations where the group practice of more than 200 clinicians provides services throughout central and eastern Kentucky. The clinic has changed all door locks to the neurology department and is further assessing security of offices located in the park.

Asked if laptops now will be encrypted, a clinic spokesperson says all possible security upgrades are being considered. The clinic is not at this time offering paid credit or identity theft protection services, but patients with concerns of misuse of their information are encouraged to call the clinic “and we will discuss the patients’ situations as they arise.”

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