Lakeland Regional turns to application to comply with Florida law

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Regulations mandated by the state of Florida require healthcare providers to strengthen care team coordination and improve quality outcomes for patients.

Under House Bill 483, hospitals must notify patients’ primary care providers within 24 hours of admission to a hospital. Further, patients can request the hospital’s treating physician to consult with their primary care provider or a specialist provider.

For large health systems like 864-bed Lakeland Regional Health, complying with provider and patient communication and the accompanying documentation regulations has become particularly burdensome, says Kristi Yamilkoski, assistant vice president of information services.

That’s why Lakeland Regional contracted with software vendor Andor Health to unlock data stored in Lakeland’s electronic medical records and make the data available in real time to support care team coordination inside and outside of the hospital.

“As part of our regulatory compliance, we conducted an extensive evaluation of all our existing health information technology resources,” Yamilkoski, explains. “We concluded that none of our current solutions would meet these new provider communication needs.”

Andor Health offers guaranteed compliance with the regulations, Yamilkoski adds. “Further, Andor Health also automates the process of providing the discharge summary and medical records to the primary care provider within 14 days of the patient’s discharge from the hospital,” she concludes.

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