Kalorama Tracks Mobile Medical App Market

The market for mobile medical applications was about $150 million in 2011, but that number will grow 25 percent annually for the next five years, according to market research firm Kalorama Information.

At best, medical apps top out at about 2 percent of the total app market, but the medical segment is growing a little faster than the 23 percent annual rate for the overall application market. Clinicians increasingly are using smartphones to perform some of the work previously done on a desktop or laptop computer, according to the firm.

Kalorama in a new report breaks down the mobile medical app market and its projections for growth. It gives revenue estimates and forecasts for apps running on Apple, Android, Nokia, Palm and Windows devices; and for apps used as nursing and study tools, to reference drug and medical information and as clinical decision support.

The report examines popular apps being used from more than a dozen vendors and their business models. It also considers issues that will affect the market in coming years, such as pricing, security threats, implementation failures, change resistance, infrastructure costs and federal initiatives, among others.

The report, “Market for Mobile Medical Apps,” is available here for $2,500.

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