IDgital, Zazmic partner on radiology cloud platform using Google technologies

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Two companies are collaborating to offer a machine learning platform for radiology that they describe as a cloud-based “digital assistant” that works with Google technologies.

IDgital is partnering with Zazmic on the project to release a proprietary diagnostic radiology tool that’s based in the cloud. The companies hope to develop a digital assistant platform that will assist physicians when they are making treatment decisions.

IDgital offers a radiology solution that applies computing technology to assist radiologists, offering a full-stack radiology machine learning platform. Zazmic is a global software company specializing in applications that run in the Google cloud.

The companies say the digital assistant platform will be fully integrated with Google's artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies; it will feature integration with Google Voice, Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, and DeepMind for Google technologies.

Executives from the two companies say the intent of the platform’s design is to remove the current "conveyor belt workflow" commonly found among healthcare systems today.

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Leveraging the power and agility of Google Cloud, the digital assistant platform accesses patient and clinical information that has traditionally been unavailable to the physician at the time of treatment.

IDgital has combined Google's ML and AI technologies with its proprietary, self-learning clinical algorithms to support the platform’s patient evaluation and assessment capabilities.

The digital assistant then performs a variety of specific tasks on behalf of the physician.

Adding IDgital's technology solution to an imaging practice or hospital system creates a unified environment where radiologists, referring physicians, department leaders and patients benefit from the advances in technology that seem to have passed the radiology world by, until now.

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