How to sell information governance to your leadership

Information governance within a healthcare organization should be an organization-wide framework for managing information throughout its lifecycle, and to support the entity’s strategy, operations, regulatory, legal risk and environmental requirements, says Ann Meehan, director of information governance at the American Health Information Management Association.

Meehan will present a session at AHIMA16 to walk through the need for information governance across the enterprise. Information governance should be in every business unit covering all information it owns or manages, she asserts. “The framework is a centralized approach with a champion overseeing it so the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.”

The process for deciding when information is no longer needed for business purposes should be done using an organizational strategy that ensures disposition of information is aligned with strategic goals, she adds.

There are three core foundational components of information governance, according to Meehan. They include:

• Enterprise information management through its lifecycle.

• Governance around purchasing and implementation initiatives.

• Having good data to support making fact-based decisions.

“We feel that information governance brings these together and working collaboratively,” she adds.

But even with foundational elements in place, if reports are done in individual business units and compartmentalized, an organization will still work in silos, so an oversight committee is necessary to prioritize and drive initiatives, Meehan says.

The session room will be set up with tables, so after Meehan’s presentation, audience members at each table will be charged with exchanging ideas and debating ways to lift a specific barrier to information governance. “I think we can all learn from that,” she says.

The session, Building the Case for Information Governance, is scheduled for 1 p.m. October 17 in room 326.

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