How providers can use tech to meet consumer expectations

At Kaiser Permanente, consumer expectations are a primary consideration for everything the organization does, says Dick Daniels, chief information officer.

“We believe that individuals need to have access to information and services in ways that are welcoming and convenient for them in order to manage their health effectively.” That, he adds, includes selection of the best health plan meeting their needs, the care received and access to care from wherever they may be.

That’s why session number 234, at which Daniels will present during HIMSS17 at noon on February 23, is entitled, “Transforming care through a consumer-driven model.”

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For example, new outpatient facilities are designed to be welcoming spaces, Daniels will explain.

“They feature technology that enables our patients to efficiently check in remotely or on site, make medical exams an engaging discussion with our caregivers supported by a large-screen interactive monitor, and that feature additional conveniences like a text alert when the patient’s prescription is ready at the on-site pharmacy.”

The pace and depth of technology evolution will continue to accelerate, Daniels will note.

“To take advantage of this opportunity healthcare organizations must have the courage and flexibility to embrace new technologies, and to work together to benefit all of healthcare and all consumers. We’re all on this journey together.”

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